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Cyborphic is proud to announce the Science Fiction Theatre Research Lab, a workshop series on performing, writing and directing science fiction for the stage. The event will take place 21-24 May 2018 in central London and will be the first workshop series of its kind.

Little research has been done on science fiction theatre, and there is little guidance available for artists wishing to stage the genre. Cyborphic is determined to change that and to offer artists the opportunity to investigate the immense possibilities of theatrical sci-fi during the workshops of the Science Fiction Theatre Research Lab. 

The workshops will take place in London Theatre Workshop (zone 1, close to Bank Station) on 21-24 May 2018. These workshops explore all aspects of sf theatre and are addressed to actors, writers, directors and theatremakers from all backgrounds. To register for the workshops, click here:


Registration for Workshop Series (all 4 dates): £30.

Registration for Individual Workshops: £10.


Workshop Schedule

Monday, 21 May 2018


"Lecture-workshop: Introduction to Science Fiction Theatre & Adapting SF for the Stage"

Christos Callow Jr (Playwright, Director, Artistic Director of Cyborphic)


Tuesday, 22 May 2018


"Worldbuilding for SF Theatre"

Chloe Mashiter (Director, Writer, Digital Artist,Maker of Digital and Live Games)


Wednesday, 23 May 2018


“Devising Science Fiction Theatre”

Dominic Allen (Actor, Writer, Artistic Director of Belt Up Theatre)


Thursday, 24 May 2018


"Reflections on the Workshops so far." (Writers can bring short scenes / monologues of sf theatre to explore with actors & directors.)

Christos Callow Jr


“Directing & Writing Science Fiction Theatre”

Edward Einhorn (Playwright and Theatre Director, Artistic Director of Untitled Theater Company #6)


Bios of the Workshop Leaders

Chloe Mashiter

Chloe is a writer and director for theatre as well as a maker of digital and live games. She’s recently been Laboratory Associate Director at Nuffield Theatre, Resident Assistant Director at Theatre Royal Plymouth, and written and directed an audio game as Digital Artist for Headlong. Chloe also has a wide range of experience with gameplay-based theatre, from live-action street games to tabletop role-play gaming-inspired performance. She has previously facilitated workshops on subjects ranging from improvisation to medieval theatre practice to making computer games, for a wide variety of participants.


Dominic Allen

Dominic is an actor, writer and theatre maker. He most recently co-wrote, directed and performed Providence at the VAULT Festival, a play that blended details of the life of H.P. Lovecraft with his work (review in The Stage), and which won Play of the Week. He’s also been the co-Artistic Director of Belt Up Theatre, a company that produced a lot of the early immersive work in Edinburgh, including shows such as The Trial and Metamorphosis. During his time running Belt Up, he led numerous workshops, especially on performance and writing.


Edward Einhorn

Edward is a playwright, novelist, and theatre director based in New York. His experience with sci-fi theater includes his stage adaptations of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? ("An act of fan love but also dramatically shrewd," The New York Times; "Challenging, thought-provoking" (4 stars) Time Out); "Philip K. Dick fans will cheer…adapter Edward Einhorn's high-fidelity adaptation" LA Weekly); The Lathe of Heaven ("A striking theater piece, optimally staged" TheaterMania; "flowing, poetic" Backstage) and Cat's Cradle ("a faithful, inventive, intelligent rendering of Vonnegut's classic" Tribeca Trib). He has also written the original sci fi drama, Linguish ("Inspired absurdist comedy" The Village Voice). He is the Artistic Director of Untitled Theater Company #61 and the author of four children's novels, including two modern Oz sequels.


Christos Callow Jr

Christos is a playwright, theatre director and lecturer in Theatre and Literature. His plays have been produced in Greece and the UK, including BunniesVoice, and Last Tragedy. He founded the Performing Greece conference on contemporary Greek theatre, the Stage the Future conference on sci-fi theatre and Talos: the first science fiction theatre festival of London and the UK. He's currently teaching Classical Drama at the University of Chichester. He’s previously given creative writing workshops at the Universities of Middlesex and Buckinghamshire New and workshops on science fiction theatre at the University of Leeds.

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