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(Including plays of Modern & Contemporary Science Fiction, Science Theatre, Horror Theatre & related genres)

By Christos Callow Jr

The Internet Science Fiction Theatre Database (ISFTDB) of Cyborphic primarily consists of contemporary plays, i.e. published and/or produced in the 21st Century. Some key texts of sci-fi theatre from the 20th Century are included in a separate section. For a more complete list of 20th Century science fiction plays, see Ralph Willingham’s appendix in his 1993 book Science Fiction and the Theatre.

Our Database is primarily focused on science fiction theatre, yet also features related genres; in short, everything that falls under the umbrella terms Speculative Fiction and Fantastika (such as Horror, Contemporary Fantasy and the Weird) and works of Science Theatre as well are also of interest. Finally, a bibliography of related studies and articles is included in its own section. For the reader’s convenience these are mostly non-academic sources readily available online, but some academic studies are included as well.

Abbreviations: SF (Science Fiction), H (Horror), F (Fantasy), W (Weird. Works considered “Lovecraftian” will be in this category), AF (Afrofuturism) and ST (Science Theatre)

The Database will be soon updated to include more titles and information. It is currently focused on UK productions either by UK or international playwrights, but it will be updated to include more international work. The Database cannot include every single production but features work that is considered to be of artistic merit, originality and/or impact. Entries may be revised or removed at any time at the discretion of the author. The Database may not be replicated or modified without permission from the author. The first version of the SFTDB was originally published on on 15 June 2018 and included a list of 50* original 21st Century plays, alongside selected 20th Century plays, theatre festivals & secondary sources. (*Updated on 19 June 2018 to include a total of 80 original 21st Century plays and on 24 June 2018 to add an additional 20 - 100 in total. Has been updated frequently since. Last update 9 July 2019, adding an additional 17 plays, mostly of 2019.)

So, there you go. The ISFTDB!

Internet Database of Modern & Contemporary Science Fiction Theatre, Horror Theatre, Fantasy Theatre, Weird Theatre & Science Theatre

Section 1: 21st Century Science Fiction Plays & Shows

Section 1a: Original Plays

A Number by Caryl Churchill. Royal Court Theatre. UK. 2002. SF

The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow by Rolin Jones. South Coast Repertory. US. 2003. SF

The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh. National Theatre of Great Britain. UK. 2003. SF (dystopian)

Mercury Fur by Philip Ridley. Plymouth Theatre Royal. UK. 2005. SF (dystopian)

A Disappearing Number, co-written by the Théâtre de Complicité and Simon McBurney. Theatre Royal, Plymouth. UK. 2007. ST

Must: The Inside Story by Peggy Shaw. Battersea Arts Centre. UK. 2007. ST

Tinderbox by Lucy Kirkwood. Bush Theatre. UK. 2008. SF (Dystopian)

Any Day Now by Nat Cassidy. Manhattan Theatre Source. US. 2009. SF

Samuel & Alasdair: A Personal History of the Robot War by Marc Bovino and Joe Curnutte. The Brick. NY. US. 2009. SF

A Thousand Stars Explode in the Sky by David Eldridge, Robert Holman and Simon Stephens. Lyric Hammersmith. UK. 2010. SF

Baby Universe: A Puppet Odyssey by Waka Waka Productions. Baruch Performing Arts Center. NY. US. 2010. SF

Death and the Powers: A Robot Pageant. Opera. Composed by Tod Machover, libretto by Robert Pinsky. Opéra de Monte-Carlo. Monaco. 2010. SF

Ghost Stories by Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman. Liverpool Playhouse. UK. 2010. H

Play Dead by Todd Robbins and Teller. The Players Theatre, NY. US. 2010. H

’u’. Opera in Klingon. Composed by Eef van Breen, libretto by Kees Ligtelijn & Marc Okrand. Zeebelt Theater, The Netherlands. 2010. SF

And Darkness Descended by Punchdrunk. Immersive Performance. Waterloo Station Arches, London, UK. 2011. H

Foxfinder by Dawn King. Finborough Theatre. UK. 2011. SF

Nursing By Adam Rapp. Part of 'The Hallway Trilogy'. Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, NY. US. 2011 SF.

Side Effects by Dante or Die Theatre Company. Rich Mix, London. UK. 2011. ST

The Heretic by Richard Bean. Royal Court. UK. 2011. ST

Advance Man by Mac Rogers. First Part of The Honeycomb Trilogy. Secret Theater, NY. US. 2012. SF

Blast Radius by Mac Rogers. Second Part of The Honeycomb Trilogy. Secret Theater, NY. US. 2012. SF

Constellations by Nick Payne. Royal Court. 2012. ST

DEINDE by August Schulenburg. Secret Theatre, NY. US. 2012. SF

Insufficiency by Carl Djerassi. Riverside Studios. UK. 2012. ST

Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play by Anne Washburn. Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company. US. 2012. SF

Songs of Love: A Theatrical Mixtape by Nat Cassidy. Players Theatre. NY. 2012. SF

Sovereign by Mac Rogers. Third Part of The Honeycomb Trilogy. Secret Theater, NY. US. 2012. SF

Surprises by Alan Ayckbourn. Stephen Joseph Theatre. UK. 2012. SF

Ten Billion by Stephen Emmott. Royal Court. UK. 2012. ST

The Effect by Lucy Prebble. National Theatre of Great Britain. UK. 2012. ST.

De-generator by Phluxus2 Dance Collective. Dance Installation. Cairns Centre of Contemporary Arts. Australia. 2013. SF (Post-apocalyptic)

Leaving Planet Earth by Catrin Evans and Lewis Hetherington. Edinburgh Fringe Festival. UK. 2013. SF

Sayonara Ver.2 and I, Worker by Oriza Hirata. Produced by Seinendan + Osaka University Robot Theatre Project. Columbus. US. 2013. SF

The Aurora Project by Bella Poynton. Science Fiction Theatre Company of Boston. US. 2013. SF

The Noise by Unlimited Theatre. Northern Stage, Newcastle. UK. 2013. SF

The Nether by Jennifer Haley. Kirk Douglas Theatre. California. US. 2013. SF

The Uncanny Valley by Superbolt Theatre Company. Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 2013. SF

2071 by Duncan MacMillan Royal Court. 2014. SF

A Map to Somewhere Else by Reina Hardy. The 133rd Street Arts Center Lab. NY. US. 2014. F

Pioneer by Curious Directive. Edinburgh Fringe Festival.2014. SF

Pomona by Alistair McDowall. The Gate Theatre. UK. 2014. W

Machina by Richard Jordan. La Boite’s The Loft. Brisbane. Australia. 2014. SF

Marjorie Prime. Jordan Harrison. Center Theatre Group Mark Taper Forum California US, 2014

SUM by Susan Gray. Bread & Roses Theatre. UK. 2014. SF

The Singularity by Crystal Jackson. Science Fiction Theatre Company, Boston, US. 2014. SF

Foreplay by Carl Djerassi. King’s Head Theatre. UK. 2014. ST

Tomorrow Come Today by Gordon Dahlquist. Undermain Theatre. Texas. US. 2014. SF

Girl in the Machine by Stef Smith. Traverse Theatre. UK. 2015. SF

Oppenheimer by Tom Morton-Smith. UK. The Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon. 2015. ST

Photograph 51 by Anna Ziegler. Noel Coward Theatre. UK. 2015. ST

Province by Mathieu Gosselin. Théâtre Centaur de Montréal. Canada. 2015. SF

Queen Amarantha by Charles Busch. City Lit Theater. Illinois. US. 2015. F

Radiant Vermin by Philip Ridley. Soho Theatre. UK. 2015. SF (dystopian)

Speed of Light by Bella Poynton. Road Less Traveled Productions, US, 2015. SF

Spillikin by Pipeline Theatre. In Collaboration with Engineered Arts. Edinburgh Fringe Festival. UK. 2015. SF

The Hard Problem by Tom Stoppard. National Theatre of Great Britain. UK. 2015. ST

Voice by Christos Callow Jr, Bread & Roses Theatre. UK. 2015. F

Elegy by Nick Payne. Donmar Warehouse. UK. 2016. SF (near-future)

Escaped Alone by Caryl Churchill. Royal Court. UK. 2016. SF, H.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by Jack Thorne based on a story by Thorne, J. K. Rowling and John Tiffany. Palace Theatre. UK. 2016. F

Human Animals by Stef Smith. Royal Court. UK. 2016. SF (Dystopian)

North Country by Tajinder Singh Hayer. Freedom Studios. UK. 2016. SF

Oil by Ella Hickson. Almeida Theatre. UK. 2016. SF

The Children by Lucy Kirkwood. Royal Court, UK. 2016. SF

The Ruins of Civilization by Penelope Skinner. Manhattan Theater Club, New York. 2016. SF (Dystopian)

The Toad Knew by James Thierrée. Edinburgh Fringe Festival. UK. 2016. SF (Steampunk)

World Without Us by Ontroerend Goed. Vooruit, Belgium. 2016. SF

X by Alistair McDowall. Royal Court. UK. 2016. SF

After the Blast by Zoe Kazan. Lincoln Center Theater, NY. US. 2017. SF

Agent Andromeda: the Orion Crusade by Reina Hardy.  Ground Floor Theatre. Texas. US. 2017. SF

Astronauts of Hartlepool by Tim Foley. Vault Festival, The Vaults. 2017. SF

Building the Wall by Robert Schenkkan. New World Stages, NY. US. 2017. SF (near-future)

Extraterrestrial Events by Philip Conaughton. Dance-Opera. Samuel Beckett Theatre. Ireland. 2017. SF

Father of Lies by Sasha Roberts and Tom Worsley. Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 2017. H

In Event of Moone Disaster by Andrew Thompson. Theatre503, UK. 2017. SF

Man on the Moon by Keisha Thompson. Contact, Manchester. UK. 2017. AF

Mars Actually by Superbolt Theatre Company, Vault Festival, The Vaults. UK. 2017. SF

Mosquitoes by Lucy Kirkwood. National Theatre of Great Britain. UK. 2017. ST

Phobiarama by Dries Verhoeven. Site-specific Performance. Syntagma Square. Greece. 2017. H

Police Cops in Space by The Pretend Men. Edinburgh Fringe Festival. UK. 2017. SF

Refrigerator by Lucas Baisch. First Floor Theater. Illinois. US. 2018. SF

The Divide by Alan Ayckbourn. Edinburgh Fringe Festival. UK. 2017. SF

The Earthworks by Tom Morton-Smith. The Other Place, Stratford-upon-Avon. UK. 2017. ST

The Rogue Aviator by Nick Izzo. New Strawdog Theatre. Illinois. US. 2017. SF. Also: Alternate History, Dieselpunk

The Wonderful World of Dissocia. Anthony Neilson. Royal Court. UK. 2017. W/F

TwentyEight by Tyler English-Beckwith. The Vortex, Texas. US. 2017. AF

Alien Land by Momin Swaitat. The Vaults, Vault Festival. UK. 2018. SF

Down the Rocky Road and All the Way to Bedlam by D. Matthew Beyer. Otherworld Theatre. Chicago, US. 2018. SF

Fanatical. Musical. Book by Reina Hardy, music / lyrics by Matt Board. London, UK. 2018. SF

Future Bodies by Unlimited Theatre. HOME, Manchester. UK. 2018. SF

Instructions for Correct Assembly by Thomas Eccleshare. Royal Court. UK. 2018. SF

Lights Over Tesco Car Park by Jack Bradfield. National Student Drama Festival. Leicester. UK. 2018. SF

Nightclubbing by Rachael Young. Camden People’s Theatre. UK. 2018. AF

Nine Foot Nine by Alex Wood. The Bunker. UK. 2018. SF

Nuclear Future by Gameshow Theatre. Live Theatre. Newcastle. UK. 2018. SF

Passionate Machine by Rosy Carrick. Brighton Fringe. UK. 2018. SF

Replica by Mickey Fisher. Stages Repertory Theatre. Texas. US. 2018. SF

Sex with Robots and Other Devices by Nessah Muthy. Kings Head Theatre. UK. 2018. SF

The Boy Who Wanted to be a Robot. Opera. Lyrics & book by Edward Einhorn, composed by Pedro F. Finisterra. London. 2018. SF

The Gauntlet by Reina Hardy. Karamel Club. UK. 2018. SF

The Phlebotomist by Ella Road. Hamstead Theatre. UK. 2018. SF

Thirteen Cycles by Project2. Rosemary Branch Theatre. UK. 2018

Providence: The Shadow Over Lovecraft by Dominic Allen and Simon Maeder. Vault Festival, The Vaults. UK. 2018. W

Anna Bella Eema by Lisa D’Amour. Arcola Theatre. UK. 2019. F

Auto-Nation by Queen Mary Theatre Company. Edinburgh Fringe Festival. UK. 2019. SF

Conscious by Eve Ruck. King’s Head Theatre. UK. 2019. SF

Dark Sublime by Michael Dennis. Trafalgar Studios. London. UK. 2019. SF

Headhog by Tom Jensen. Barons Court Theatre. London, UK. 2019. SF

If I Die on Mars by the Queen Mary Theatre Company. Edinburgh Fringe Festival. UK. 2019. SF

Mission Creep by Bee Scott. The White Bear Theatre. London, UK. 2019. SF

Planet 9 by Rose McGowan. Edinburgh Fringe Festival. UK. 2019. SF

Quintessence By Emily Carding. Brighton Fringe. UK. 2019. SF

Space Age Love Songs by Vulcanello Productions. Hens and Chickens Theatre. Camden Fringe. London. UK. 2019. SF

Space Junk: A Soviet Musical by Slipshod Theatre. The Space, Edinburgh Fringe Festival. UK. 2019. S

The Grape That Rolled Under the Fridge by Matilda Ibini. Summerhall, Edinburgh Fringe Festival. UK. 2019. SF, AF

The Half-God of Rainfall by Inua Ellams. Kiln Theatre. UK. 2019. AF. F

To Drone in the Rain by Michael Ellis. Tristan Bates Theatre. UK. 2019. SF

To Move in Time by Tim Etchells. Summerhall, Edinburgh Fringe Festival. UK. 2019. SF

TRÖLL by Trick of the Light Theatre. Summerhall, Edinburgh Fringe Festival. UK. 2019. F

Working on my Night Moves by Julia Croft and Nisha Madhan. Basement Theatre. New Zealand. 2019. SF

Zombie Zoo by Kevin Short. Hill Street Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe Festival. UK. 2019. H

Section 1b: Science Fiction Theatre Festivals

Sci-Fest LA: The Los Angeles Science Fiction One-Act Play Festival. LA, California. Founded by David Dean Bottrell, Michael Blaha and Lee Costello in May 2014

Paragon: A Sci-Fi and Fantasy Play Festival. Chicago, Illinois. Founded by Tiffany Keane and Otherworld Theatre in August 2015 (ongoing)

Talos: The Science Fiction Theatre Festival of London. London, UK. Founded by Christos Callow Jr in October 2015, produced (as of 2018) by Cyborphic (ongoing)

(Note: In this category, I have included the original science fiction theatre festivals per country; or, in the case of US festivals, state. The festivals featured here are dedicated to short sci-fi plays, with the exception of Talos which, in 2018, started staging full-length science fiction plays as well. Details of plays produced to follow in future versions of the database.)

Section 1c: Science Fiction Theatre Adaptations

(Due to the infinite adaptations of relevant texts, only few notable adaptations will be included in this list. The Database was updated on 26 June 2018 to include 20 21st Century adaptations of science fiction plays.)


The Handmaid's Tale. Opera. Composed by Poul Ruders, libretto by Paul Bentley. Adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale (Novel by Margaret Atwood, 1985.) Copenhagen Opera House, Denmark. 2000. SF (Dystopian)

One-Man Star Wars by Charles Ross. Based on Star Wars (Film series by George Lucas, the original Star Wars trilogy, 1977-1983.) Pavilion Theatre. Canada. 2001. SF

Wicked. Musical. Book by Winnie Holzman, music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz. Based on Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire, 1995.) Gershwin Theatre, NY. US. 2003. F

A Shoggoth on the Roof. Musical. Lyrics by “He Who (for legal reasons) Must Not Be Named”, music by Jerry Bock. Adaptation of Fiddler on the Roof (Musical composed by Jerry Bock, lyrics by Sheldon Harnick, book by Joseph Stein, 1964) and several of H.P. Lovecraft stories. Premiered at Miskatonicon, a H. P. Lovecraft convention. Stockholm, Sweden. 2005. W (Also: parody)

Young Frankenstein. Musical. Book by Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan, Lyrics and Music by Mel Brooks. Adaptation of Young Frankenstein (Film by Mel Brooks, 1974.) Hilton Theatre (currently Lyric Theatre), NY. US. 2007. H. (Comedy)

Cat’s Cradle. Musical. Lyrics by Edward Einhorn & Kurt Vonnegut, music by Henry Akona, book by Edward Einhorn. Adaptation of Cat’s Cradle (Novel by Kurt Vonnegut, 1963.) Walkerspace, NY. US. 2008. SF

Universal Robots by Mac Rogers. Based on R.U.R. (Play by Karel Čapek, 1920.) Manhattan Theatre Source, NY. US. 2009. SF

Bellona, Destroyer of Cities by Jay Scheib. Based on Dhalgren (Novel by Samuel R. Delany, 1975.) The Kitchen. NY, US. 2010. SF

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Edward Einhorn. Adaptation of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (Novel by Philip K. Dick, 1968.) 3LD Art & Technology Center, NY. 2010. US. SF

Matilda the Musical (originally titled Matilda, A Musical). Book by Dennis Kelly, music and lyrics by Tim Minchin. Adaptation of Matilda (Novel by Roald Dahl, Children’s Fiction, 1988.) Courtyard Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon. UK. 2010. F

Re-Animator: The Musical. Book by Stuart Gordon, William J. Norris & Dennis Paoli. Lyrics & music by Mark Nutter. Based on Herbert West–Reanimator (Short Story by H.P. Lovecraft, 1922.) The Steve Allen Theater. LA, California. US. 2011. H (Horror-comedy)

1984 by Robert Icke and Duncan Macmillan. Adaptation of 1984 (Novel by George Orwell, 1949.) Nottingham Playhouse. UK. 2013. SF

Princess Mononoke by Whole Hog Theatre. Adaptation of Princess Mononoke (Anime film by Hayao Miyazaki, 1997.) New Diorama Theatre. UK. 2013. F

Brave New World by Dawn King. Adaptation of Brave New World (Novel by Aldous Huxley, 1932.) Royal Theatre, The Royal and Derngate, Northampton. UK. 2015. SF

Death Note: The Musical. Adaptation of Death Note (Manga series by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, 2003-2006.) Nissay Theatre. Japan. 2015. H

The Trial by Nick Gill. Adaptation of The Trial (Novel by Franz Kafka, published posthumously in 1925.) Young Vic, London. UK. 2015. W (Dystopian)

It Can’t Happen Here by Tony Taccone and Bennett S. Cohen. Adaptation of It Can’t Happen Here (Novel by Sinclair Lewis, 1935.) Berkeley Repertory Theatre. California. US. 2016. SF (Dystopian)

The Iron Heel by Edward Einhorn. Adaptation of The Iron Heel (Novel by Jack London, 1908.) South Oxford Space, NY. US. 2016. SF (Dystopian)

Cosmic Trigger by Daisy Campbell. Adaptation of the Cosmic Trigger (Novel by Robert Anton Wilson, 1977.) Camp and Furnace, Liverpool. UK. 2017. SF

The Twilight Zone by Anne Washburn. Adaptation of The Twilight Zone (TV series by Rod Serling, 1959-1964.) Almeida Theatre. UK. 2017. SF

Section 2: 20th Century Science Fiction Plays

(Note: As previously stated, this is a tiny sample of 20th Century Science Fiction [and some Science Theatre] plays; original stories and adaptations. This section will also be occasionally updated, though the priority of the Database is 21st Century Sci-Fi Theatre. Originally included 10 important plays, as of 27 June 2018 this section includes 30.)


R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots) by Karel Čapek. Publication Date: 1920, Production: 1921. Prague, Czech Republic (then Czechoslovakia). SF

Back to Methuselah by George Bernard Shaw. Publication Date: 1922, UK-US. Production Date: 1923, Garrick Theatre, NY. US. SF

The Bedbug by Vladimir Mayakovsky. Meyerhold Theatre, Russia. 1929.

It Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis and John C. Moffitt. Adaptation of It Can’t Happen Here (Novel by Sinclair Lewis, 1935). Nationwide Premiere. US. 1936. SF (Dystopian)

The War of the Worlds by Orson Welles. Radio Drama. Adaptation of The War of the Worlds (Novel by H. G. Wells, 1898). Columbia Broadcasting System (now CBS). NY. US. 1938. SF

The Skin of Our Teeth by Thornton Wilder. Shubert Theatre. Connecticut. US. 1942. SF (post-apocalyptic)

Endgame by Samuel Beckett. Royal Court. UK. 1957. SF (post-apocalyptic)

Visit to a Small Planet by Gore Vidal. Adaptation of Visit to a Small Planet (TV Script by Gore Vidal, 1955.) Booth Theatre, NY. US. 1957. SF

The Unseen Hand by Sam Shepard. La Mama ETC, New York. US. 1969

Warp! by Stuart Gordon and Lenny Kleinfeld. Organic Theater Company, Chicago. US. 1971. SF

The Tooth of Crime. Musical. Lyrics and music by Sam Shepard. Open Space Theatre, London. UK. 1972. SF

Rocky Horror Show. Musical. Music, lyrics and book by Richard O’Brien. Royal Court. UK. 1973. SF

Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street by Christopher Bond. Britannia Theatre. UK. 1973. H

Illuminatus! by Ken Campbell and Chris Langham. Adaptation of The Illuminatus! Trilogy (Novel series by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson, 1975.) Liverpool School of Language, Music, Dream & Pun. UK. 1976. SF

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street . Music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, book by Hugh Wheeler. Adaptation of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Play by Christopher Bond, 1973.) Uris Theatre, NY. 1979. H

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Ken Campbell and the Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool. Adaptation of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Radio Drama by Douglas Adams, 1978.) Institute of Contemporary Arts, London. UK. 1979. SF

The Warp by Neil Oram. Institute of Contemporary Arts, London. UK. 1979. SF

Little Shop of Horrors. Musical. Composed by Alan Menken, lyrics and book by Howard Ashman. Workshop of the Players' Art Theatre. NY. US. 1982. H (Comedy)

Into the Woods. Musical. Music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, book by James Lapine. Adaptation of different fairy tales by Brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault. Old Globe Theatre. California. US. 1986. F

Riddley Walker by Russell Hoban. Adaptation of Riddley Walker (Novel by Russell Hoban, 1980.) Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester. UK. 1986. SF

Henceforward... by Alan Ayckbourn. Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough. UK. 1987. SF

The Woman in Black by Stephen Mallatratt. Adaptation of The Woman in Black (Novel by Susan Hill, 1983.) Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough. UK. 1987. H

Return to the Forbidden Planet. Jukebox musical. Written by Bob Carlton. Adaptation of The Tempest (Play by William Shakespeare, 1611) and Forbidden Planet (Film by Fred M. Wilcox, 1956.) London Bubble Theatre. UK. 1989

The Voyage. Opera. Composed by Philip Glass, libretto by David Henry Hwang. Metropolitan Opera, NY. US. 1992. SF.

The Skriker by Caryl Churchill. National Theatre of Great Britain. UK. 1994. H

After Darwin by Timberlake Wertenbaker. Hamstead Theatre. UK. 1998. ST

Comic Potential by Alan Ayckbourn. Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough. UK. 1998. SF

Copenhagen by Michael Frayn. National Theatre of Great Britain. UK. 1998. UK. ST.

Lonely Stardust by Andrea Hairston. Chrysalis Theatre. US. 1998. SF

Harvest by Manjula Padmanabhan. Teatro Texnis, Athens. Greece. 1999. SF


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