Science Fiction Theatre & Greek Theatre Company

Festival Director: Christos Callow Jr
Associate Producers: Orestis Dikaios, Mayra Stergiou & Andriana Domouzi
Creative Associate: Tess Agus
Lighting & Sound Technician: Chuma Emembolu
Theme Music: Giorgos Tragopoulos (aka Lonely Ensemble)
Programme & Trailer (Music and Video) by Evangelos Callow

Thursday 22nd March

RIP. Written & Directed by Edward Einhorn
Michael Golab (Rip), Katherine Laheen (Amy), Lucie Fletcher (Concierge), Camille Mallet de Chauney (Husband), Iniki Mariano (Wife)

Last Tragedy by Christos Callow Jr. Directed by Sokratis Synitos
Assistant Director: Charlotte Everest
Bee Scott (Rosita), Evi Polyviou (Zoe)

Paper Doll by Susan Eve Haar
Directed by Katherine Sturt-Scobie
Panayiotis Patsias (He), Molly Rose Barton (She)

Friday 23rd March

For the Living Written by Chie-Hoon Lee. Directed by Jay Head
Joe Alex (Ethan), James Campbell-Warner (Dr Varley), Casie Pepe-Winshell (Kara)

Been on the Job Too Long by James Martin Charlton. Directed by Simone Giustinelli
Radostin Naydenov (Brady, Starke), Stefano Puppio (Duncan, Starke)
Costumes: Kinga Pietraszek
Lighting: Geraldo Monteir
Stage Management: Sonia Valente
Assistant Director: Magdalena Slabonova

Homo Superior Written by Megan Fellows. Directed by Tess Agus
India Plummer (Zara), Olly Melvin (Joe), Zoë Wells (Doctor)
Technician: George Ormisher

Saturday 24th March

Dark King Kills Unicorn by Reina Hardy. Directed by Stella Keramida
Unicorn: Joshua Wells (Unicorn), Filipe Morais (Draegerman), Atanase Ververois (Live Performance)
Costume Design: Olga Ntenta
Music: Christina Athinodorou
Visuals: Constantine Athanasiadis

Close Encounters by Claire-Frances Sullivan. Directed by Darren Tunstall
Bethan Leyshon (Sylvie), Elaine O’ Dwyer (Rebecca)

Fixed Action Pattern by Francis Grin. Directed by Evi Stamatiou
Ted Vaudrey (Boy 2), Theo Moore (Boy 1), Tabitha Catlin (Susan), Scott Bell (Tom), Murray Burgess (Joel), Lauren Haskett (Girl 1), Phoebe White (Girl 2), Rachel Hickton (Kayla)

Sunday 25th March

In the Year 2125 by Carol W. Berman. Directed by Brooke DeBettignies
Designer: Charlotte Dennis
Sound Designer: Brian Walters
Cast: Kirsty Geddes (Alepha), Ross Martin (Zed), Chryssi Tzanetou (Gimmel)
Caveman Principle by Max Gill. Directed by Simona Hughes
Joanna Nevin (Dr Emma Hill), Andy Murton (Mason Fisher)

Frankenstein: Live Audio Drama by Liza Blackman, Richard Hand, Annie Parker and Georgie Pearsall. Directed by Richard Hand
Music Composer/Performer: Stephen Bennett
Voice: Zanna Foley-Davies, Olivia Frazer, Amie Maria Marie, Peta Morrant, John Turnpenny
Foley SFX: Liza Blackman, Bo Zhong and members of the cast

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